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We are so fortunate in Kenora to be able to receive physiotherapy treatment from Dan Morwood. With his skill set, education, and experience Dan could easily be working for a national level team anywhere in the world. He is an elite athlete – a former Manitoba cycling champion and Kona-level triathlete and has an expert’s understanding of body mechanics and recovery. Over the last decade and a half Dan has saved me from surgery and helped me overcome serious back pain, brought me back to full function after two hip replacements, and is helping me rehab my knees, allowing me to maintain a very active lifestyle in my early 70s. I never come away from a session with Dan without some new insight that advances my well-being. I wholeheartedly recommend Dan’s services. Whatever problem you have that requires physiotherapy you will never find a better practitioner.


I have had the pleasure of knowing Dan for over 8 years now. I am currently an athlete on the Canadian National Cross Country Ski Team. During this time Dan has helped me heal through many different sports injuries, issues and surgery. From the shoulders, neck, back, down to the hips, knees and ankles we’ve worked through it all, and always with positive results! Dan knows what works and what doesn’t. His knowledge of injuries rehab and treatment comes from not only the highest standards of education but also a vast history of personal experience as a multi- sport high performance athlete. Part of my work with Dan has also been the implementation of an individualized strength program that specifically targets my problem areas. This has been invaluable to me as an athlete! Dan is very professional and genuinely cares about his patients treatment, recovery, rehabilitation and well being. I always leave Dan’s office knowing more than when I went in! As Dan’s client you are guaranteed to be in the best of hands!!


"I cannot thank Dan Morwood, my physiotherapist, enough for his exceptional care. I had been struggling with a nagging sports injury that was hindering my performance. Dan's expertise and dedication not only got me back to peak performance but also improved my overall athletic abilities. His personalized treatment plan, attention to detail, and encouragement made a world of difference. I'm now stronger and more confident than ever. Dan's passion for his work is truly inspiring, and I'm grateful to have had him as my physiotherapist."​

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